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Sunita & Raj (Netherlands), at 2014-08-11 12:45:43
Dear Sai Devotees,
We would like to share our experience with Shirdi Sai Mandir Frankfurt. We live in the Netherlands and first visited this Mandir in 2011. The moment we entered the Mandir we felt welcomed and we could feel that Baba is very much alive there. We were also very lucky to witness the arti , pooja and neivedhya that evening and we were moved to see how Baba was served in the mandir in a loving way. we were also in tears when Hari ( The person taking care of this Mandir) told how Baba pulled Hari to him and how he guided him and helped him all along. It was so beautiful. We have witnessed many miracles in the Mandir and only increases everytime we visit the Mandir. Everthing about this mandir and the people associated and the incidents that happens reminds us of Satcharitra and one gets a feeling that she or he is watching satcharitra live. We feel that Hari's identity is completely transformed.He answers questions and the doubts that you have in mind without even asking for it , like how Baba used to do. The people in the Mandir there teaches us selflessness and devotion by their Seva. Everone is wholehearted welcomed in the mandir and are treated alike. We now visit the Mandir whenever we get the opportunity and feel blessed to be part of Hari's friends.
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Prasad (Bangalore, India), at 2014-08-13 23:57:58
Om Sai Ram,
When i use to stay in Frankfurt for my studies, i make sure i visit Frankfurt Sai Baba temple on every Thursday. Every visit is an experience and i personally had inner talking's between me and Baba. Lot of my prayers had been answered and overall experience with the other devotees in the temple reminds me of home. I also liked their concept of serving prasads in their wonderfull garden space, feels closely connected with nature. I certainly want to visit when i make my next trip to Frankfurt.
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Mahesh & Suchitra (Eschborn, Germany), at 2014-08-17 10:02:28
Dear Sai Devotees,
It gives us immense pleasure and happiness to share our experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Frankfurt.
To introduce ourselves, I am an IT Consultant and my wife is a Biotechnologist, and we have been living in Germany since 10 years. We happened to visit the Shirdi Sai Temple for the first time in May 2009, with a lot of curiosity to experience a Temple in Germany. The moment we entered the Temple premises, we were heartily welcomed by Hari, wearing very old clothes, sitting on a bench in the garden, peeling vegetables for preparation of the Prasadam for the Thursday. This first site itself spoke for what this Temple in Hari's place represented, i.e. Simplicity and true essence of SHIRDI SAI BABA. The Site of BABA's statue and knowing the first experience of Hari with BABA, made our faith and connection even stronger that day.

Since then we have been regular to this holy place for Satsang on Thursdays & festivals and for SEVA on Saturdays. Hari welcomes every devotee with a big heart and guides them to understand, follow and serve BABA in the true sense. We could meet devotees from different nationalities and various backgrounds and learn how BABA have blessed one and all without any differences. The Temple regularly helps the needy with free accomodation and food.

The temple is open on Thursdays for Satsang and on Saturdays for SEVA. However, it is open on all days for regular devotees. As per BABA's guidance, the temple is kept close to the Nature and the devotees: The Wood required for the dhooni is cut and collected from the nearby forest. The vegetables that are required for the prasadam, and the flowers required for the pooja are grown in the Temple's Garden. This is done as part of the SEVA by the devotees on Saturdays. The expenses incurred for running the Temple are equally shared only by all the regular devotees, without any donations.

This temple tries to serve BABA in true sense and we are very blessed to be part of it.

Thank you BABA and Hari.

Mahesh & Suchitra.
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Malini (Darmstadt, Germany), at 2014-08-19 15:34:33
I visited Hari in Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frankfurt in the New years eve of 2012 and I visited the temple with my friends. My first experience was very nice. The temple has lot of positive energy and is in full of peace. After visiting the temple, Hari has always guided me and everyone in the temple towards right path of life which Baba advocates.
The temple is a big symbol of Love and peace and always guided me to take the right path in life without ego. Forgeting myself in everyday activities and being attracted towards material happiness,carrying this ignorance when I visit the temple, Hari and Baba constantly taught me of to the universal truth (Advaith= Everything is one).
The temple gives me peace and energy. I like to visit the temple often. The temple taught me lot of Holy Bhajans like Hanuman chalisa which I never even learnt back in India.

Baba is very much alive in the temple. During my first visit I sat almost on the last row and was silently on tears and requested him to solve one of deepest personal problems. After the first visit, in no time Baba solved the problem that I requested for so quickly.
Unable to accept my zero progress with my PhD work, I always asked Baba for help with tears when I visited the temple next time, He helped me gradually to overcome all the problems.. During my restless depressing times when I visited the temple, Baba has shown me grace by making me happy and provided me a lot of mental strength and he has solved several of my research experimental. difficulties, With his only grace, I could progress from nothing to something in my PhD work.
Whenever I missed to visit the temple, Baba murti(statue) has appeared in my dream several times.
I feel totally protected by Baba every now and then. Miracles by saving me from biggest of biggest difficulties has increased my confidence and faith in Baba.
When I broke my leg, He blessed me up with such a fast recovery and with loving parents helping me out. The best place for me in germany is to visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Frankfurt.
My purpose to live in germany away from home is fulfilled by visiting the temple and being guided deeply towards the path of love and oneness by Baba.

With deepest thankfulness,
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Jinal (Germany), at 2014-08-20 00:04:03
Beautiful experience.. Ambadnya for sharing it with all of us :) May Baba shower His blessings on all us..
Om Sai Ram
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Jaishri Mistry (Preston, UK), at 2009-09-20 09:06:14
Om sairam. We recently went to Frankfurt to visit my daughter Minal who is working there for 12 months. She took me and my sister to Sai Baba's temple at Hari's house on 29th Aug 09. It was an amazing experience and Hari gave us the opportunity to put 108 rose petal on baba's paduka ceremony and aarti. We had prasad and felt very happy. Now am taking my husband Dinesh and my parents on Oct 15th -17th lots JaiShri Mistry Preston UK

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Vinayak (Darmstadt, Germany), at 2014-08-22 10:16:42

Very beautiful temple and at a glance Murthy touches heart. People serve Baba with heart.

Bhajans , homas and regular programs are performed with devotion. Happy to be part of the Tempel.


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Mithun Patel (Düsseldorf, Germany), at 2014-08-25 10:51:56
Om Sai Ram,
Such a lovely and lively temple of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Frankfurt. It is indeed Baba's grace that this is the first Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Germany.
Both me and my wife are devotees of Baba and Baba is always caring for us like his children.
I would like to share my experience of my lovely Baba here. Ever since i got to know about Baba in India, Baba arranged that i could visit him in Shirdi and a strong intense bonding developed. In 2010, I decided to study in Germany and i always wanted Baba to be there wherever i go. It was Baba's grace that i got an offer to study in Frankfurt. I was so much in joy to realise that here was the only Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Germany and Baba helped me to make the right choice.
In October 2010, I visited Hari in the Baba temple in Frankfurt and was full of tears since I could feel Baba's presence there. Looking at his face and blue eyes makes you forget all the worries and desires and I used to see him for long with tears of joy in my eyes. I was very grateful since Baba made everything happen in the right moment. I loved the Satsang, we sang the sacred Gayatri mantra, Sai Bhajans and honour all Gods, I felt the energy levels increased and immersed in the prayers with devotion around. I felt Baba's presence here and he is sitting in front of me in this room and always guiding. Baba's murti is so lively that one can feel the different expressions here. Sometimes Baba used to be happy, smiling, cheerful mood, other times he was angry and serious and silent. Baba cares for all his devotees. By Baba's grace, I visited the temple every Thursday and Saturday during my studies in Frankfurt. A year later when my wife joined me in Frankfurt, she was surprised and happy to see Baba full of life and love in the temple. Due to my work assignment I had to move to Duesseldorf but Baba grace makes it possible for us to visit him often.
Every Sai devotee coming to the temple served Sai Baba in their own ways. We performed seva on Saturday by collecting & cutting wood logs for the Dhuni , planting salad leaves, vegetables, watering the temple garden, plucking the fruits. I loved the way everyone was serving Sai Baba sincerely. Baba is always happy when we are serving him. Hari always used to say that we should perform selfless service just like Lord Hanuman rendered selfless service to Sri Ram forgetting that Hanuman himself was mighty and God. We sang Hanuman Chalisa very often for long time in the temple. So much Love.
Only by Baba's grace one can go to visit him and Hari here, when I met Hari for the first time, I had wondered how Baba plays his part to make things happen. How Baba made Hari know about him and how Hari setup the temple in Frankfurt which has helped many Sai devotees to find the truth and serve Sai Baba. Hari guided us and explained Baba's teachings in many ways the deepest truth and inner truth that is hard to find in any books or internet. Most importantly he guided us towards the oneness of universal Consciousness and simplicity of life.
Hari and all the people who visit here in the temple are like family. We sing, meditate , pray, cook and eat and offer service together. It is like a nice small Sai family helping each other. I and my wife feel blessed to be Hari's friend and part of the temple and to visit here often.

I was full of joy and I had never experience this in any temple anywhere in India. One cannot gain the knowledge what I gained here with Baba and Hari in this temple. The Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frankfurt was a special place where I learnt the deepest meaning and experience that I cannot express. You can only experience it for yourself. What you feel here in the Shirdi Sai Baba temple cannot be expressed by words. You are only silent when you feel Baba's presence and he is caring and loving you always.

I am thankful to My Sai for all his grace and Hari for all the things that he has offered in the temple and made us realise the truth which I could not find elsewhere.

May Baba shower his grace and Blessings to All
Om Sai Ram, Peace be to All.

Lots of Love,
Mithun Patel

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Gagandip (Frankfurt, Germany), at 2014-08-27 14:23:07
"We have been living in Germany for more than 14 years and missed going to Sai temple. In 2012 a colleague of mine visiting from India told me about Sai Temple in Frankfurt and surprisingly the temple was only 15 minutes away from where I was once living and all these years I was searching for Sai temple. I was surprised that someone from India came to take me to the temple.
On entering the temple Sai's idol gave a feeling as if Sai Baba himself was sitting and calling me to give his blessings. The energy in the temple is something I have never experienced before. I have never felt Baba so close as I felt in this temple.
Daily I read 1 chapter from Sai Satcharitra. This book is a reflection of Baba.I got theoretical knowledge from this book but practical lessons were shown to me in the temple by Baba.
My 7 year old daughter is so much attached to the temple that she wants to go every Thursday and participate in Satsang.
There was a miracle too as my wife was confused with a situation and she was not able to get an answer. She was very disturbed about not getting a clear answer. Then Baba appeared in her dream and gave a clear answer as to what she should do in this situation. She did exactly as Baba advised and lo everything became clear and she got back her peace of mind.
We as a family can never thank Baba enough for his blessings and guidance. We feel Baba is always there guiding and blessing us.
More than anything else we found Baba in the temple.
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YM. Mistry (UK), at 2014-08-31 01:22:16
Om sai ram
I was very blessed and fortunate to have found this wonderful and unique Shirdi Sai Baba temple at the beginning of my year abroad in Frankfurt.
As soon as I stepped into Hari's house and saw the beautiful statue of Baba I felt a sense of happiness from within and right then I knew that this place would be very special to me.
I received such a warm and loving welcome from Hari and everyone at the temple which I cannot forget.
When the bhajans started I could feel the room charge up with positive energy and everyone was involved in singing so beautifully with such devotion.
I thoroughly enjoyed the singing of the Hanuman Chalisa it was such a lovely experience and then finishing with the aarti.
I always used to look forward to coming every Thursday evening and enjoying the familiar atmosphere. Whilst I was in the temple all my worries went away and upon leaving I felt so positive, happy and re-charged.
I would like to thank Baba for guiding me and helping me to find this beautiful temple. The Sai community at the temple are wonderful people and are full of love. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything and for making me feel a part of them whilst I was there.
Om sai ram
All my love
Best wishes
our experience with Baba...
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Shalu (US), at 2014-08-31 01:31:31
Experience of BABA's love:

In 2008,I was in Germany for a work related project,when one of my friend mentioned about BABA's temple in Frankfurt.I decided to visit the temple since I was curious to see an Indian temple in a foreign land.As soon as i entered the temple i saw BABA's huge beautiful idol,felt like BABA was there right in front of me.

I attended BABA's aarti and the whole pooja which lasted for 2 hours. It was a very surreal experience.I started going regularly to the temple (every Thursday) and I felt a connection with BABA,as if he was listening to me,my problems,talking to me,giving me suggestions on how to solve my problems. I prayed to BABA with full dedication.One day I was sitting far behind during the whole pooja and the owner of the temple asked me to come in the front and perform BABA's aarti,he mentioned that BABA wanted me to do his aarti.

I felt so humbled and so honored.I felt a very deep connection with BABA. This incident happened a couple of other times when I was asked to do the aarti specifically.This made me believe that BABA is listening to me,HE is there for me.

Also,i started getting answers to all my problems. My belief in BABA kept growing stronger and stronger. Every moment I knew BABA's blessings is always there with me,HE is always watching me,taking care of me. Even when I encountered any problems in life I knew BABA has a reason behind this and there's something good hidden in this problem.I was in Germany for 2 years,and for this entire duration I went to the temple every Thursday.

Today,I am in the US,and my belief in BABA has grown tenfold.BABA has given me so much inner strength to face problems in life.HE has always been there for me in every problem I have faced in life.HE has shown me the right direction,the right path always.HE has always listened to my prayers.I know BABA is and will always be there with me.My faith in BABA is unshakable.
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Swati (Eschborn, Deutschland), at 2014-08-31 01:46:15
The only surrenderance to Lord Sai Baba brings magic in our lives. .

I usually go to Sai temple Frankfurt on Thursday. Before leaving to temple, one of my friends called me and asked for Prasad from temple. I said ok if I will get some, then I will bring for you. Here I would like to mention that I stay in Germany and here in temple Priest offers food, fruits and sweets to Baba prepared by him and by devotees, who bring something. After Aarti, everybody eats offered Prasad there itself so no question of bringing home. As I reached temple, I totally forgot about my friend's wish. I indulged myself in Bhajans with full devotion and before Aarti, Priest offered Prasad to Baba. He does it with love and devotion like mother gives food to her Child. He puts small towel surrounded to Baba's (Murti) shoulders and then offers food to Baba's mouth. It is really gives Divine feeling especially, when you prepare something for Baba. It feels that Baba is really eating your Prasad. As I brought Papaya for Baba, he kept it in Baba's lotus feet. During Prasad offering, Hanuman Chalisa played in temple, so everybody sings along. While offering, Priest never gives offered Prasad to anybody. I have never seen. So I closed my eyes and enjoyed singing Hanuman Chalisa. Meanwhile, when he offered Apple to Baba, I thought what if Baba bites the Apple and give it to me. Then I thought how foolish I am. It is not possible to get and have closed my eyes again and singing with full concentration.

Suddenly Lady who was sitting beside me tapped my leg to receive Prasad from Priest as I was not aware that he was giving me apple after offering to Baba. I and my husband's tears rolled down with joy. We felt very much blessed.

After reaching home, it was late night so we thought of eating Apple in morning. Before cutting Apple my friend's wish came to my mind. My husband said it was not only for us but for her too. Her desire for Prasad was true. So Baba has sent it through us. I gave some portion of Apple to her and told her all story. She felt very nice and blessed. As it is written in Sai Satcharitra Baba was Omniscient. I felt it, it's really true He is omniscient and omnipresent. He knows everything and fulfills all your desires. You just need to surrender yourself to His holy feet, rest Baba will do for you. Right now I am facing very tough time of life as my small son is not well. But I know Baba is there with me. He will do everything alright. As Baba is there with me, I need not to be worried about anything. He is my father. He will look after us. OM Sai Ram.

I have one more experience which happened today. Due to my Son's sickness, sometimes I feel very low being mother. It is quite natural. After daily prayer to deprive my negative thoughts, I played Sai Satcharitra on YouTube. Listening to it gives me strength. Whole morning, I was thinking of Baba. In afternoon, somebody knocked the door. My son jumped to open the door. I told him to ask first who is there. My son asked who is there. There was one German salesman and asked my son where is your Mom? I was behind my son before I could say anything he said "Baba is there". I thought he said Papa is there. I simply ignored it. He asked me about something so I refused to take anything then he said no problem and said Om Sai Ram. I was shocked to hear Om Sai Ram by him. I replied him Om Sai Ram and he went forward. I have closed my door in shocked state and then saw Baba's picture on the wall opposite to the entrance door. He must have seen Baba's picture, so he said Baba is there. And I misunderstood. I regret I couldn't ask him how he knows Baba as me and my son was alone in house. Somehow, Baba felt me His presence through him. Like Baba is telling me don't worry I am near you and everywhere. It is true that when you surrender to Sai, you will see whole world is indulged into Sai.

Otherwise, how come a German man came to the Door and said Baba is there and Om Sai Ram. It is not a mere coincidence. It is all planed by Baba. He knows everything and does always good for our well being. Baba it is my humble request to You never leave me alone. Please keep me in your holy feet. Please forgive my all sins and ego. Take me to your possession. Om Sai Ram.

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Hari (Shirdi Sai Baba Tempel Frankfurt Deutschland), at 2014-08-31 13:40:05
If what you see by the eye doesn't please you, then close your eyes gently, be silent and see from the heart.Heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder.
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Jaishri M. (UK), at 2014-09-03 08:28:53
I would just like to say me and my family have visited Frankfurt Shirdi Sai Baba temple 4 times from UK. Each time our experience was different. We also had the opportunity to take part in the Master's Poornima Yagna in July and the Maha Samadhi Yagna in October twice. It is a wonderful experience of bhajan singing, chanting, prayers with positive vibration and taking part in the different festivals of celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Rams birth, Shivratri, Krishna etc. The people are very warm and welcoming, like a Sai family. The food/Prasad served is wonderful and delicious all home grown vegetable in Shirdi Baba's garden, all cooked by devoted volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity anyone living in Frankfurt to have Baba's Dharshan/blessings twice a week Thursdays and Saturdays are truly blessed.

Om sai ram with love


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Manoj (from Nepal, now Deutschland ( Germany)), at 2014-09-05 18:00:04
For me this Place is TEMPLE and HOME at the same time, which is very seldom.

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Sweetha and Arvind (Darmstadt, Germany, now India), at 2014-09-05 19:22:08
Yoarvind pattamatta on August 19, 2014 at 8:56 AM said...

Dear SAI devotees,
It is a pleasure for us to share our experience with the Frankfurt Shirdi SAI Baba temple. We were looking for Indian temples during our stay in Darmstadt and came across this temple through one of our friend who visits the temple often. So,we visited the temple on a Vijayadasami day in 2013. We were very impressed when we saw the devotees along with Hari (Temple manager and Priest) working in the garden. Since the day was Baba's maha samadhi day, the devotees arranged for a yagna and it was performed meticulously by chanting mantras. This was followed by a group lunch and thus the day passed very well and we reached home at 10 O'clock in the night. Both myself and my husband wanted to see the temple website and when we opened the site ,we suddenly heard the sound of a conch from outside. We initially thought that was coming from the website,but it was not. We saw outside only to find no one. We called Hari the next day and told him all about this. We felt very happy when Hari said that must be a blessing from Baba. Three days later, I had a dream in which we were having a baby in our lap and we're showing Baba's photo to our baby. We thought this may be a good sign, but forgot about this later. Since then, we started visiting the temple and participate in the satsang bhajans whenever possible.The next month, while we were returning from the temple on a Thursday, I unintentionally mentioned to my husband that we will name the baby SAI if I get conceived that month. Immediately after two days I heard the good news :) and we know that it was all by Baba's grace and blessings. We really loved the temple, the spiritual atmosphere, the sincerity of the devotees, Hari's serene personality and Baba's Deity and would love to visit the place if we go Frankfurt in future. Now,we reached India and I delivered Baba's beautiful flower, a baby girl. Now we have a confidence that Baba is always with us.OM SAI RAM!!!

Swetha and Arvind

Post ur experience with Baba...
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krishna khadka (Frankfurt,Germany), at 2014-09-06 08:51:33
I was a stressful guys..Since when i visit the temple regularly...Saibaba is helping me directly and indirectly..unbelieavable change has appeared in my daily life..n continuing my life with more happiness.prosperity...i wish to live my life always with Saibaba..Om best two words and my best friend than anything else..Om Sairam..
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Vinayak Joshi (Darmstadt), at 2014-09-06 23:27:00
"Total surrender and inviting Baba to the heart" is what Hari has taught me since I have stepped at the Shirdi Sai Baba tempel, Frankfurt.

All through the days I was beliving that Baba is seperated from me in the murthy, but after spending time in the tempel and getting an opportunity of seva and melodious talks of Hari, I realised that Baba is always with me not separated!. The inner voice, the face of a person was nothing but Baba. A bondage has been built within me and Baba with the help of the tempel.

A kind of fear was inside me where ever I go, then Hari once said to me take out the fear from your heart, surrender completely to Baba, "FEEL FREE" is what he says always and after that I practised it and invited Baba in to my heart to take care of that fear, I continue to do it.

Whenever, I get an opportunity to sleep at night in the tempel, a grace is showered by Baba in the form of dreams, and the dreams are always solutions to my wishes in the heart.

I'm very happy to be part of such a tempel and wish to always be attached to the tempel.

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Manoj Sharma (Darmstadt, Germany), at 2014-09-08 22:48:54
I learned from BABA in the TEMPLE just to be HERE and NOW...Thats it

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Snigdha (Frankfurt, Germany), at 2014-09-08 22:52:48
Sai Baba Temple in Frankfurt has changed my life, my thinking, my way. Always we feel protected by a supreme power. It's hard to describe each and every experience of my life. It is endless. As if everyday, he is there to guide me, observe me, care me. I started developing the moral fear to my dearest Baba who scolded me and in return guiding me in each and every steps of life whenever I thought or felt or did something wrong.
The greatest teaching I learned is to accept whatever is coming on the way rather to be demanding how things should be according to me. I would not say that I learned complete surrender, rather I would say He has been teaching me how to move towards complete surrender. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Frankfurt, for us, is the greatest and easiest way to find Baba. Here, apart from regular pooja, we always try to serve the inner Baba in form of soul who is sitting in everybody's heart and giving more emphasis on service.

I want to thank Baba, all devotees of Saibaba's Temple Frankfurt and especially Hari for his endless care, guidance and support.

Om Sai Ram,

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Anjan (Frankfurt, Germany), at 2014-09-08 22:54:27
Om Sai Ram,

I heard about Sai Baba from my childhood. But I knew very little about him, although I visited Shirdi twice. In 2008, I came to Frankfurt on my company assignment. I heard about Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frankfurt, but never went. When my assignment was over and I was about to go back to India, suddenly I felt as if I was missing a very big thing. And with repentance of not visiting the temple I went back.

To my surprise two months later again I got a chance to come to Frankfurt. Then I visited Hari in the temple. It was June 2009, I still remember that day and the feeling inside me, a joyous silence in emptiness. It is indescribable. Thereafter I started going there regularly. It was a turning point in my life. Here I learn about many other saints and their teachings. Later my wife joined me and we continued our service.

Sometimes I really wonder about the connection. Baba has been guiding us to experience the power of surrender. An ocean which accepts anything, love, bitterness, happiness , sorrows, care, ignorance. An energy which shows the path of realization. The temple has been a place to realize and feel the beauty of such an energy. Thanks to Baba, the temple, the devotees, for everything.

Om Sai Ram !!!

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Rutvij & Bhavika (Frankfurt, Germany), at 2014-09-09 23:03:07
Om Sai Ram,

We are very happy to share our experience with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Frankfurt, Germany. It is an integral part of our life... The journey with Baba in his temple is indescribable in the words. We are deeply feeling blessed to get this opportunity in this life to come to this Temple and stay close to it... It's the ocean of the immense love where we can just submerge. We feel Baba's strong presence in the Temple everywhere.

We are devotee of Baba since childhood and have been visited many Baba's temple and Shirdi regularly. But, coming to this Temple was the turning point of the life. We were deeply touched with the sweetness of the Temple when we first visited in January 2009. The whole heartily devotion performed by German devotees touched our hearts. Since then, we tried to visit Temple and our friend Hari regularly.

The opportunity of service at the holy feet of Baba is opening our hearts and deepening him within us. The different Sevas like growing vegetables in the Baba's garden, cutting the woods for Baba's Dhuni, preparing Prasad for Temple connect us more to ourselves, nature and to him. The Seva makes us more humble. Step by step Baba is revealing himself and embracing us within him, forgiving all our ignorance and mistakes which we are keep doing every time. He is continuously showering his blessings upon us which we experienced countless times in our last 6 years with Temple. Here we are learning that what exactly Temple is - "To Worship God in all being is Temple".

Currently, we cannot imagine ourselves without Baba's Temple. Thank you very very much Baba to allow us to your Temple. Thank you everyone in Temple - all the devotees here, for always showering your love to us... Temple is our family here, far from the families back in India. We never miss our families as we have all here in Temple. We celebrate together always the special, blissful and devotional moments while doing Seva for Baba, performing Bhajans and Yagnas for him, enjoying the blessed Prasad together... We learn a lot from each other.

When our family visited us from India they really felt blessed to visit the Temple and this was the main highlight of their Europe visit and is unforgettable lifetime experience for them. All our family members and friends in India found us really fortunate and lucky to have such a Temple. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to see Baba and visit his Temple in Frankfurt. But people in India are also getting lots of blessings from Baba in the form of his Photos, Prasad from Temple.

Baba teaches us that we see him 'Everywhere', 'In Everyone' and 'At Every moment'. Temple is sticking to the 'True' form of Baba directly and is guiding us to go to his feet. Please Baba open our hearts that we feel your presence in Now and everywhere. Thanks to Baba and Hari to provide this opportunity to us and all the devotees.

Om Sai Ram!!
Rutvij & Bhavika.

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Shirdi Sai Baba (), at 2008-08-08 09:09:09
Shirdi Sai Baba sagte: "Mein Guru lehrte mich niemals ein Mantra, wie sollte ich dir da ein Mantra ins Ohr flüstern? Denke immer daran, dass der Blick des Guru's glücklich macht, wie der liebevolle Blick der Schildkröten Mutter. Versuche nicht von jemandem ein Mantra zu bekommen"


Manifestation des Brahman ( SAI SATCHARITRA KAPITEL 10 )

"Obwohl Sai Baba wie ein Mensch aussah, 186 cm lang, lebte Er doch im Herzen aller. ER war völlig ungebunden und neutral, aber äußerlich sehnte Er sich nach dem Wohle aller. Innerlich war Er höchst desinteressiert, während es nach außen so schien, als sei Er voller Wünsche aus lauter Liebe zu Seinen Devotees. War Er innerlich ein Ort des Friedens, so wirkte Er nach außen rastlos. Er war innerlich im Zustand des Brahman, und äußerlich handelte Er manchmal wie ein Teufel. Innerlich liebte Er die Einheit, äußerlich schien Er sich in die Welt zu verstricken. Manchmal schaute Er mit Zuneigung auf alle, während er ein anderes Mal mit Steinen nach ihnen warf. Manchmal beschimpfte Er sie, während er sie zu anderen Zeiten umarmte und ruhig, gelassen, tolerant und ausgeglichen war. Er war immer in das Selbst vertieft und Seinen Devotees gegenüber wohlgesonnen. Er saß immer auf demselben Sitz und verreiste nie. Er trug stets einen kleinen Stock in Seiner Hand. Er war ruhig und ohne Gedanken. Niemals machte Er sich etwas aus Reichtum und Ruhm und lebte vom Betteln. Solch ein Leben lebte Er. Ständig sprach Er „Allah Malik“ (Gott ist der wahre Besitzer) und Seine Liebe für die Devotees war vollkommen und ungebrochen. Er war ein Brunnen für das Wissen über das Selbst und voller Göttlicher Glückseligkeit. Solchermaßen war die Göttliche Gestalt Sai Babas, grenzenlos, endlos und unterschiedslos.
Das Eine ( göttliche ) Prinzip, welches das ganze Universum umhüllt, von der Steinsäule bis zum Brahman, inkarnierte sich in Shirdi Sai Baba."
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Wolfgang & Manuela (Rodgau / Germany), at 2015-06-17 12:42:54
Anfang November 2014 fanden wir den Weg zu Baba nach Frankfurt in seinen Tempel. Wenn wir heute darüber nachdenken, ist uns bewusst, dass alles was zuvor geschehen war, uns zu Baba geführt hat und der Weg war gut, wie er uns vorgegeben wurde.
Wie kommen 2 Deutsche wie wir überhaupt zu Baba? Die Frage stellt sich uns mittlerweile nicht mehr, da auch diese Frage sich jetzt einfach beantworten liesse : Baba ist schon immer in uns und auch mit uns gewesen, nur wussten wir es noch nicht.
Bewusst ist Baba seit Beginn 2014 unser Halt und unsere Liebe. Erst im Shirdi Sai Baba Tempel Frankfurt kam uns Baba noch näher und er wurde immer lebendiger ganz gleich ob in Form oder als formloses Bewusstsein. Die Gespräche mit Hari, seine Liebe und sein Leben mit Baba, hat uns gezeigt, dass Baba wirklich mit uns allen ist. Alle Menschen, die Baba besuchen, sei es zu Satsang oder Seva, Dienste im Tempel oder im Garten, sind Menschen, die Baba lieben und aus dieser Liebe heraus, Baba dienen möchten - komplett uneigennützig.
Wir selbst können es nur als Gnade beschreiben, bei Baba und all den seinen zu sein.
Schon als wir im November 2014 das erste Mal zu einem Satsang kamen, tauchten wir sofort in eine lebendige Stille ein. Dies ist auch heute so, sobald wir den Tempel betreten. Schon alleine wie Hari mit Baba lebt, hat uns aufs positivste geprägt. Wir kannten es auf solche Art nicht und haben es erst kennen gelernt. Wir wissen heute einiges mehr über Baba als noch vor einigen Monaten.
Ergreifend ist immer der Moment, wenn Baba die Speisen segnet, die ihm angeboten werden.
Unser Leben wurde durch Baba und allen, die wir kennen lernen durften, wieder lebendig und liebenswert.
Wir können heute sagen, dass alles was zuvor geschehen ist, sein musste, um zu lernen, dass Baba immer präsent ist - ganz gleich wo wir gerade sind. Das macht frei. OM SAI RAM.

Vielen Dank

Manuela & Wolfgang
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Dippak (Düsseldorf), at 2015-09-10 03:09:45
Dear All,

It has been a great pleasure to share my experiences from my point of view after a long time. From the past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot as to what I could share with you all. But today, my inner consciousness made me write it finally.

The first time, I visited Baba's temple in Frankfurt was during October 2013 few days after I came to Germany. I was quite confused with the customs adopted here compared to the Indian way. But later step by step, I got to understand what Baba means, who we are with the help of Hari. I see Hari as my elder brother whom I can communicate with to learn and practice the way the one (Baba/any God) wants us to lead our life. Hari is a wonderful person who is very well connected with Baba and guides us to follow our own heart / the inner Master.

Since past 2 years, I have been visiting the temple atleast once a month even if I am in any corner of Germany. It is not because of the compulsion or tradition or culture. It is because I somehow feel peace and bliss whenever I am in the temple serving Baba along with other devotess. Baba's presence at this place makes everyone forget their daily worries. Nevertheless, it makes them just be at peace with love, happiness and lots of caring nature. I am deeply in love with the one who resides inside us. After coming here, I understood the complete meaning of oneness and that one should enjoy the god present in all as well as the forms outside. From my point of view we give him many names like Baba or Shiva or Narayan or Ganesha and etc. But in the end, I consider all as one and truly worship the idols as well as being aware that the one is inside me. This is still an ongoing process for me and I am sure Hari guides me well in this path.

Coming back to the temple, I heard that many miracles happen here. But I was not focused on hearing any of them in detail. I know from my past experiences too that Baba granted any wish if a devotee was truly faithful. Just to quote a recent scenario for the non believers- I was truly finding it difficult to find an internship in 2014 July. I asked Baba to show me the way and grant me something either in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf. To my delight, Baba was fast enough to grant me internships at both the places. My firm faith in the one paid off finally during that difficult time.

Similarly, I have left all the things to Baba or the one for any sort of decision without controlling the fate of things. After coming here, I have learnt to accept things given by Baba since it is for our own good. In the future as well, I would definitely do any thing ordered by Baba without slight bit of hesitation.

It is definitely the calling of Baba's grace that I was able to come to the temple, meet everyone and Hari. I am now happy that both Baba and Hari are helping me to go the way forward in achieving self realization which would happen in different steps and need a lot of time.

Thank you both - Baba and Hari for your help.

Best Regards,

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Manu (Wiesbaden ), at 2015-11-23 09:28:24
Shirdi Sai Baba zeigte uns einen Weg für unsere Heilung

Bevor mein Mann und ich hier zu Baba`s Tempel nach Frankfurt kamen, waren wir bei Kaleshwar. Wir dachten zunächst, Kaleshwars Weg führe uns zur Wahrheit, zum Licht und zu Shirdi Sai Baba. Als wir dann eine Weile in der Kaleshwar Organisation waren, überkam uns eine Angst, die so stark war, dass sie uns nicht mehr uns selbst bleiben lies. Mein Mann und ich fühlten sich gelähmt. Die Angst nahm uns die Luft, machte uns unsicher und hielt uns gefangen. Mein Mann konnte sogar nicht mehr arbeiten.
In all der Zeit waren wir felsenfest mit Shirdi Sai Baba. Wir sprachen mit ihm und stellten ihm Fragen. Auch baten wir ihn um Hilfe. Unser Herz schlug mehr für Baba ,als für Kaleshwar und seine Gruppe. Leider hatten wir auch bei der Kaleshwar - Gruppe eine Heilerausbildung angefangen.
Als mein Mann für längere Zeit in Kur war, sagte er zu mir: " Ich habe das Gefühl, wir sollten mit der Heilerausbildung aufhören, wir brechen besser damit ab!" Ich war damit sofort einverstanden, denn auch mir war klargeworden, dass das, was mir dort vermittelt wurde, nichts mit Liebe zu tun hat und auch so nicht weiter gehen konnte. Man versuchte uns ständig kleinzumachen und zu entwürdigen.
Aber wir wollten nur Baba nahe sein, hatte er uns doch die ganze Zeit begleitet. Wir wollten mehr über Baba erfahren und so schauten wir uns im Internet um. Dort erfuhren wir, dass ein Baba Tempel sogar in unsere Nähe ist.
Auf jeden Fall trennten wir uns von Kaleshwar und seiner Gruppe und machten uns auf unseren Weg. Als wir Babas Tempel in Frankfurt mit klopfenden Herzen betraten, wurden wir von Menschen mit leuchtend Augen empfangen. Sie haben uns mit großer Freundlichkeit sofort angenommen, wie wir es so lange nicht mehr empfunden hatten. Wir durften zum Satsung dabei bleiben und wurden auch zum Essen eingeladen. Baba nahm uns in seiner Mitte so warmherzig auf!
Nach kurzer Zeit in Babas Familie, war uns klar, wir müssen den ganzen Tand, den wir von der Kaleshwarzeit noch hatten, wegwerfen - all die Schriften, Bücher und Malas. Aber da war noch ein Baba Plakat, welches die von Kaleshwars Angehörigen organisierte " neun Münzen Deutschlandtour " angekündigt hatte. Wir waren uns unschlüssig. Sollte dieses Bild auch zum Müll oder nicht? Ich sagte zu meinem Mann: " Nimm es erstmal von der Wand ab." Plötzlich sahen wir die Bescherung. Das Bild war von der unteren Hälfte an - ab Baba`s Zeh - feucht und schimmlig, sogar auch die Stelle an der Wand. Wir dachten zunächst an einen Wasserrohrschaden. Doch da war alles in Ordnung. Wir hatten keinen Bauschaden.
Uns war beiden sofort in diesem Augenblick klar, Baba will nicht mit Kaleshwar in Verbindung gebracht werden !!! Kaleshwars Weg ist der Weg des Schimmels. Das Bild flog so auch in den Müll. Welch eine Befreiung.

Om Sai Ram Baba

Manu aus Wiesbaden

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Festivals 2016 (SAI BABAs Tempel Frankfurt), at 2016-01-09 16:57:03
Festivals in Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Frankfurt, Germany :

13.02.2016 ( Sa. ) Hanuman Chalisa 108 times
07.03.2016 ( Mo. ) Mahashivaratri
27.03.2016 ( So. ) Ostersonntag
15.04.2016 ( Fr. ) Ram Navami
22.04.2016 ( Fr. ) Hanuman Jayanti
15.05.2016 ( So. ) Pfingstsonntag
21.05.2016 ( Sa. ) Buddha Purnima
19.07.2016 ( Di. ) Meister's Vollmondnacht
15.08.2016 ( Mo. ) Independance Day India
18.08.2016 ( Di. ) Raksha Bandhan
25.08.2016 ( Do. ) Krishna Jayanti
05.09.2016 ( Mo. ) Ganesh Chaturthi
11.10.2016 ( Di. ) Baba's Mahasamadhi / Dussera
30.10.2016 ( So. ) Diwali
24.12.2016 ( Sa. ) Heiliger Abend
30.12.2016 ( Fr. ) Ramana Maharshi birthday
31.12.2016 ( Sa. ) Silvester
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Gagandip (), at 2016-01-26 22:05:39
There are lots of fakes who are misguiding others and running a fake spiritual shop in Baba's name to extract money and creating a brand to get fame. Only way to know Baba is to read Sai Satcharitha. I am adding one of the many beautiful teachings from Sai Satcharitha. It teaches just one thing ONEness.

From Chapter 18 & 19 from Sai Satcharitha

Story of Mrs Radhabai Deshmukh who decided to fast herself to death till Baba did not give her any Mantra. Baba's reply was that His Guru wanted only 2 pice from him which were (1) Firm Faith and (2) Patience. I resorted to my Guru for 12 years. My Guru never expected any other thing from me. He never neglected me but always protected me at all times. I lived with him and was sometimes away from him; still I never felt the want or absence of his love. Oh mother my Guru never taught me any Mantra then how shall I blow a Mantra in your ears. Just remember that Gurus loving glance gives us happiness. Do not try to get Mantra or Upadesh from anybody. Make me the sole object of your thoughts and actions and you will no doubt attain Paramartha. Look at me whole heartedly and I in turn look at you similarly. Have faith and confidence in your Guru. OM SAI RAM.
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Rohit Rajkumar (Wuerzburg), at 2016-05-06 04:07:36
I have been a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba for the last 20 years. I always manage to visit Shirdi twice a year.

However, this time due to my study exchange program in Germany, I was unable to go to Baba's temple.

I was fortunate enough to have Baba call me to his temple in Frankfurt. This spiritual meeting reminded me of my Shirdi visits and I was really blessed by the aura created by Baba around the temple.

Best of Luck to Hari who is single-handedly managing the operations of Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frankfurt. I thank him for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to be closer to Baba.

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Shirdi Sai Baba (Universe), at 2016-08-11 11:26:09
Sai Baba expounded many times : "Who is ME ? ( Who " am I ") " He said: "You need not go far or anywhere in search of Me. Barring your name and form, there exists in you, as well as in all beings, a sense of BEING or consciousness of existence. That is Myself. Knowing this, you see Me inside yourself, as well as in all beings.
If you practise this, you will realize all-pervasiveness, and you will realize, you are always One with me."
( Sai Satcharitra Chapter 44 )
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Arati für Baba (Temple Germany), at 2016-11-29 14:06:40
Arati Shirdi Sai Baba, ( NEW VERSION )

Oh Shirdi Sai Baba, wir verneigen uns vor Dir,
der Du Lebewesen aus dem Mangel in die Fülle führst.
Deine heiligen Füsse sind unsere Zuflucht.
Du bist im Selbst verinnerlicht und lässt Suchende das höchste SEIN verwirklichen.
Wer Geduld und Vertrauen zu Dir hat, wer Deine Lilas liest und Deinen Namen verehrt,
dem hast Du Befreiung und Glückseligkeit versprochen.
Du sprichst immer aus der Wahrheit, oh Brahm, oh Vasudeva!
Wir vertrauen Dir ! Wir glauben an Dich, Shirdi Sai Baba!
Langmütig machen wir unsere Pflicht.
Du wohnst im Herzen aller Wesen -
grosser, gnadenvoller und barmherziger Weisheitslehrer.
Wie ein Vater und eine Mutter umsorgst Du unermüdlich Deine Kinder.
Oh Barmherziger, Du bist Mitgefühl und Allmacht selbst. Dein Allwissen ist immer da. Dein Rat ist wahrlich grösser als der Verstand und immer voller Güte.
Du hilfst den Bedürftigen und Hilflosen und all Deinen Devotees.
Alles nimmst Du in Dir auf - Verkörperung des höchsten SEINS und bedingungsloser LIEBE. Bitte erbarme Dich.
Immer wollen wir Dich vor unserem inneren Auge sehen und uns Deiner liebenden Gegenwart bewusst sein .
Lass uns nie müde werden, Deinen Namen zu lobpreisen,
Deine Geschichten zu lesen und im Inneren ihnen zuzuhören .
Bitte lass unsere Liebe zu Dir grösser und grösser werden und führe uns in Freiheit.
Oh Sai Baba, läutere und beruhige unser Gemüt und lass unsere Gedanken in Stille verstummen.
Bitte lass uns inneren Frieden , Gleichmut, Wahrheit und Liebe leben.
Lass uns wunschlos und dankbar sein.
Mögen wir eins mit Dir sein .

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ARAVIND SAI (India), at 2017-01-13 23:49:11
mz name is Aravind sai, i am studying masters in mechanical engineering in Rostock , germany.I would like to share an experience that happened in my life when i am in germany.when i came here after 4 months i have a small problem regarding my visa,the immigration office asked me to show the current bank account detail .at that time i dont have that much money in my account only 4500 euro tat is not sufficent to get one year visa.I borrowed some money from from my friends nearly 500 euro from 6 person.the visa interview is on tuesday and previous week itself everyone transfer the money and on monday evening at 16 pm when i go to the bank and take the account detail one person forgot to transfer the money and suddenly i call him and ask why u didnt transfer the money and he appologise to me for not sending and at 18 pm he transfer the money.normally the german bank account transfer need minimum 24 hours and tuesday morning at 8am i have visa interview.when I was standing in the quee i thought that no exactly baba make me to think to take a new bank account detail from the i went their at 7.45 am and take a new printout and when i SAW THAT BANK ACCOUNT DETAIL i WAS REALLY SHOCKED THE 500 euro was credited and with that print out I went for the visa interview and nothing happened.but in my mind i have a dought weither its baba miracle or not so after visa interview i again go to the bank and took one more print out in that the 500 euro is not credited...I dont know what to eyes were filled..just think i went on 13 september 2016 tuesday..i was worried about the 13 date and specially tuesday..i pray to baba everything I kept in your feet and i dont know anything..he is everywhere helps us when we need and i love him as my best friend.we fight each other i talk everything to baba..i belive tats why he is always with me as my best friend.and the main thing i ma the only person who got visa till 2018 ..Tis is one experience and next experience is I was worried about my studies I cant study the suject which my college is teaching ,so i am worried about my future ,wasting my life and I say to baba and one night i cant even sleep properly so I went to kitchen and cleaning.suddenly a pakistani friend who came here in rostock 2 weeks before ,so he said to me he was planing to change the university from rostock.then i asked him which college you are appling .he said he applied in bonn university for robotics course.then i asked him when is the last date to apply he said tommorow is the last date and he applied one week that late night itself i upload every docoments and complete the application form.after two week of application I got admit and the pakistani friend got rejection from that college and the biggest thing each semester the university give admit to only 25 students all over the world and i am one amoung that..morethan that the pakistani friend he go back to I think baba call him to rostock for getting me admit in from that I felt one thing baba is every where and he help us by sending someone to help us..he is great ..tis is the biggest thing which happened in my life when i came to germany and there are small small incidents happened..i will surely share to all of simple advise to all baba devotes please love baba as your child or father or friend or grandpa..never treat him as a god he never likes that..from the sacharita its written love baba as one amoung us...jai sai ram
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Temple - Festivals 2 (Shirdi sai baba, Frankfurt), at 2017-01-21 01:14:22
Festivals 2017 in Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Frankfurt, Germany :

14. Jan. 2017 (Sa. ) Makar Sankranti
28.Jan. 2017 ( Sa. ) Hanuman Chalisa 108 times
24/25. Fe. ( Fr./Sa. ) Mahashivaratri
04. April 2017 ( Di. ) Ram Navami
11. April 2017 ( Di. ) Hanuman Jayanti
16. April 2017 ( So. ) Ostersonntag
10/11 May 2017 ( Mit / Do) Buddha Purnima
04. June 2017 ( So. ) Pfingstsonntag
8 / 9 July 2017 ( Fr/Sa ) Meister's Vollmondnacht
13. July 2017 ( Do. ) Krishna Das in Saalbau Gallus
10. Aug. 2017 ( Do. ) Raksha Bandhan
15. Aug. 2017 ( Di. ) Krishna Jayanti
25. Aug. 2017 ( Fr. ) Ganesh Chaturthi
30.Sept / 1.Oct. 2017 ( Sa/So ) Baba's Mahasamadhi / Dussera
19.Oct. 2017 ( Do. ) Diwali
24.Dec. 2017 ( So. ) Heiliger Abend
30.Dec. 2017 ( Sa. ) Ramana Maharshi birthday
31.Dec. 2017 ( So ) Silvester
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Kishore (Frankfurt), at 2017-03-25 22:48:34
Om Sai Ram...

Every time when I feel like sharing my experience I run out of words. How can an ignorant mind with so many "I" thoughts can describe his grace. In fact, the grace of Master cannot be bounded with words. The grace is meant to be ever flowing. All you have to do is give yourself up to the grace and flow with the grace as one.

With that grace of Baba, I like to share one of my recent experience. On certain days, every year we have the event where we sing Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times. Recently, we had one such event. It was indeed a special day. The energy in the temple was of a different dimension. Normally, we sit in front of Baba but that day no one of us could barely sit in front of him because of the energy radiated by Baba’s murthy. Its only after we calmed our minds down, made our hearts light and surrendered ourselves to him, we were able sit in front of him. Through out the day, during singing, the energy was powerful yet so sweet. It was only by his grace we started the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and was only by his grace we were able to finish it. Baba also blessed us with nice, delicious food to energise us physically. It was his day, all we did was being present there.
This was one of the many experiences that I have had since coming to the temple. Experiences are good to read, better to listen but is best when experienced by one own self. Om Sai Ram.

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Brijesh (Villingen-Schwenningen), at 2017-07-05 11:10:11
Om Sai Ram,

We have been devotees of Saibaba since childhood and we have always found peace. We have been to Shirdi "n" number of times to get the blessings from Saibaba. We have been living in Germany since 10 years and were searching for a Hindu temple and what a good fate. We found Saibaba temple in Frankfurt. We wanted Baba's blessings for our second child(6 months old), born in 2015 and we could not go to India. But by Baba's grace, we were lucky to visit Baba's Temple in Frankfurt to get his Blessings. We were cordially welcomed by Hari who offered us Prasad too. We felt blessed to be get the Darshan of Baba. We would be visiting the temple again to get Baba's blessing this summer as my son would be now 2 years old.

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Kishore (), at 2019-11-09 20:32:48
Few days back when we were preparing for Baba's Mahasamadhi, Baba asked us to open one of the packet that was received few months back but not opened yet. Inside this was orange silk shawl which Baba had chosen to wear. Along with this was a letter from the person who sent. The letter was from a family of a devotee who used to visit the temple seldom. The letter was sent few days after his demise. The letter read that it was the devotee's last wish to send the cloth to Baba's temple in Frankfurt and to be presented to Baba. It was indeed a blessed wish as Baba chose to wear it on his Mahasamadhi.

This story was shared with the family and the daughter sent this message with gratitude.

This message was from Sinthu. K, USA
"My dad used to visit the Shridi temple in Germany. My brother, Jeyan, just shared your message with my mom and I. We are extremely touched and grateful. My dad adored that temple in Germany and would frequently talk about all your generosity there. We appreciate you clothing Swami with the last gift he purchased for Shridi and saying 108 hanuman chalisa in his honor. We will treasure this story always. Thank you again."
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Sai devotee (Netherlands), at 2020-01-03 16:19:17
I want to share a beautiful experience that we witnessed this new year in this temple. We visit this temple quite often and sometime back we prayed to Baba for two people we knew, who had stage 4 cancer. Hari prayed to Baba and gave us some Udi for their recovery. By Baba's blessings and grace one of them got cured completely and the other one is also in the path of recovery. Hari asked us to bring back the Udi to the temple as they were blessed specifically for cancer patients and these people are already recovered or in a good recovery path. We always used to forget to bring it to the temple. But on the new year day when we were about to leave for the temple , there was a strong intuition from inside to take the Udi back this time. And we did so. Then we went to the temple and gave back the Udi , we noticed that there was another devotee who was there to pray for Baba's blesssings to cure another cancer patient and was talking to Hari about it. At that exact moment we gave back the Udi to Hari and immediately Hari gave this Udi to other devotee saying that here is the Udi from two recovered patients and this should now go that cancer patient. We were all wonderstuck to see how Baba arranged everything at the right moment to take care of his devotees. And Hari said we all are Baba's tools and he uses the tools to arrange and make things happen. OM SAI RAM 🙏
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Sai Devotee (), at 2020-11-14 22:42:47
Baba's diwali blesings with Glowing Lingam!!

On the beautiful, sunny Diwali day, we few people were doing the Seva at Temple. Temple is closed due to Corona Pandemic.

We cleaned the Temple windows, we cleaned fallen leaves, we collected Apples and wallnuts from Baba's garden. We were making Apple juice.

Suddenly Baba has blessed us with his Presence. The Temple room was dark and not having any light on, but we saw temple Lingam behind Baba was glowing with immense bright white light. It was so bright, we could even see from outside window far away. There was no light inside which it can reflect. It was light coming out from Lingam itself. It was Baba's Diwali.. Baba lighten the Lingam showing us his Presence. It reminded us the incidence from Satcharitra, he lightens up the lamps with water.. It was similar blessings.
We felt very very Blessed.. Om Sai Ram!!!

Thank you very much Baba.
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